is the time in Mumbai (Bombay) India

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A few family photos taken over Christmas 2006

A few more pics before India are here (including pic of Emma asleep just after Big Ben had struck on New Years Day!)

My India snaps Part 1

My India snaps Part 2

My India snaps Part 3

My India snaps Part 4

My India snaps Part 5

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palolem, paradise beach Goa

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a very quick natter with Naomi on 10th Jan

[14:30] Ian Salmon: are you there??
[14:31] Mmmmmm Chocolate (gmail.0A34880E): YESSSSSS
[14:31] Ian Salmon: HI from England!!
[14:31] Ian Salmon: you are on site now arent you!
[14:31] Mmmmmm Chocolate (gmail.0A34880E): I logged on wit new password and just about t do diary not got much time!!!!
[14:32] Mmmmmm Chocolate (gmail.0A34880E): Gonna leaveGoa tomorrow overnight bus gruelling journey of 10 hrs or so!!
[14:32] Ian Salmon: :-) i will leave you in peace. Email pics if you want... i can add tonight...
[14:33] Mmmmmm Chocolate (gmail.0A34880E): shit electricity going!!!!
[14:33] Mmmmmm Chocolate (gmail.0A34880E): will try!!!
[14:33] Ian Salmon: aaaaaaaaaaagh!!!
[14:33] Mmmmmm Chocolate (gmail.0A34880E): was off all yesturday - we had no water as well!!!!
[14:34] Mmmmmm Chocolate (gmail.0A34880E): right gonna try site an sending pics might do by hotmail!!!!

.... Now back in the Uk... 31st Jan 2007.

Naomi, click on the meebo link to chat with googletalk /AIM/ Yahoo /Messenger!! This gives you access to all your chat services if you are travelling and they are not installed on the pc you are using!! It does take a little time to load!! Basically a new page opens with messenger or googletalk or yahoo.. its pretty useful!

is the time in Mumbai (Bombay) India whilst UK time is